Daiso Japan Middle East|A Treat for Craft Lovers
Daiso Japan Middle East|A Treat for Craft Lovers

A Treat for Craft Lovers

Craft isn’t just the sole preserve of children these days, many adults are occupied with craft related interests and professions. When it comes to giving presents or decorating one’s home, the market for experiences is expanding and a well-chosen craft product range helps in creation of both. For many, there is something undeniably satisfying about creating things oneself. The market is changing from store brought cards & gifts to homemade happiness.

DIY (do-it-yourself) projects are not just about getting things fixed in the house, but have become a more productive family activity which provides bonding time between partners, parents and kids or the entire family. Being able to modify, fix, refit or create is not just a joy, but the feeling of creating something with your hands and the memories attached to it become priceless and everlasting. Not only do kids find their time invested in creativity but adults like indulging in it as a hobby, too. DIY for home décor, school projects and gifting has become quite useful and people like to add their own touch to
things in this manner. This is where Daiso Japan arts & crafts products come in.

Daiso Japan, a Japanese value retail concept, recognized as a one-stop variety shop selling a wide range of lifestyle, novelty and gift products, encourages all to create more DIY projects by offering the most exciting and attractive arts & crafts supplies with great quality and incredibly affordable prices. The collection includes Paint sticks, Washable markers, Soft clay, Calligraphy ink, Decorative tapes, Craft kits and ornaments, Ribbons and more for every arts & crafts/DIY needs. Take full advantage of the exciting and value for money supplies here.

There are a variety of things one can create out of the collection available at Daiso Japan stores across the region. For all your day-to-day and occasional needs, the arts & crafts products can help one create creative art pieces at an affordable cost. Feed your imagination with unique options of DIY projects using Daiso Japan’s supplies.

Sumi Calligraphy Ink

Daiso Japan Middle East|A Treat for Craft Lovers

Whether you are a skilled calligrapher or a beginner, Daiso Japan’s Sumi Calligraphy ink is a must try. Compared to the Chinese counterparts, it does not have the strong ink smell and doesn’t bleed. When there is a need for changing color, irrespective of it being a permanent ink, the brush can be rinsed easily by dipping in water. The best feature of this product is the easy ink pouring bottle which creates less mess.

Daiso Japan Soft Clay

Daiso Japan Middle East|A Treat for Craft Lovers

Does your child like playing with clay? Unlock their imagination using soft clay and clay molds from Daiso Japan. This clay can be molded around bottles, cans, etc and does not soil the hands. It naturally dries and can be painted after. Your child can create a variety of colorful products by mixing different clay, or adding paints. The clay packs are available in various different colours including orange, pink, white, black, blue, white and etc.

Daiso Japan Paint Sticks

Daiso Japan Middle East|A Treat for Craft Lovers

Are you planning to create a thoughtful gift for your loved one on a special day? Make a personalized greeting card using decorative tapes or ribbons and paint sticks. Water soluble and less messy, with Daiso Japan Paint Sticks, there is no need for water or brushes. Available in normal and metallic color packs, each containing 6 different colours, these super smooth paints can be used on all sorts of surfaces including paper, card, canvas and wood.

Washable Markers

Daiso Japan Middle East|A Treat for Craft Lovers

Fancy a personalized t-shirt? Why print when you can create one using Daiso Japan washable markers and then wash it off when you want to use the t-shirt without the print. The washable markers’ smooth water-based ink can be washed easily from hands and most clothing. The ink is also bleed-resistant, safe for children, and non-toxic. The durable chisel tip can be used to create fine, medium, or wide lines.

There is a whole world of arts & crafts ideas out there. Go on and explore at your nearest Daiso Japan store.