Daiso Japan Middle East|Back to School advice from the Daiso Japan Team!
Daiso Japan Middle East|Back to School advice from the Daiso Japan Team!

Back to School advice from the Daiso Japan Team!

School routine can be very stressful for parents – especially for first timers as it’s a mixed feeling that includes bits of anxiety as well as excitement. However, the whole experience doesn’t need to be as daunting if parents take the below recommendations into consideration which will ensure they transition through the school phase as easily as their kids.

1)Talk, talk and talk about it

Less is more on this front. There can’t be a better way to ease up the stress other than discussing it. Parents can have friendly conversations with their children and talk to them about the positives of going to school like learning in a new environment, the joy of going to school in a sparkling new crisp uniform or teaming the look with their new Back to School essentials, etc. these pointers ignite curiosity in the child’s mind and create a stimulating picture about the new school experience.
However, for parents it is advisable to indulge in some reading and interacting with their peers in the same category. The latter has proven to be extremely effective as sharing experiences is the best way to learn.

2)Early to bed & early to rise

It’s mandatory for parents to create a sleep routine for their children that results in a minimum of 10-12 hours of sleep per night. Start this at least a week before school starts, preferably two or more weeks, so that your child adjusts to the routine and you do too.

3)Prep up

–Start listing down all the things that need to be done during school. Mornings will be most crucial hence its advisable to iron the clothes the night before and lay them out with innerwear, socks, shoes etc. so everything is at your disposal. Pack the school bag the night before – it might be worth preparing the snack the night before as well or at least doing some groundwork so there is less stress in the morning. For parents who prefer the self-pick and drop off method should also follow the same guidelines for themselves and complete their own preparations the night before, so timelines are not hampered.

4)Shop till you drop

Back to School is a big world and the shopping list is endless. Head to the nearest Daiso Japan store for a shopping escapade that includes branded merchandise from the Frozen, Disney, Hello Kitty, Mickey Mouse, Spider man and Super man range. The collection includes lunch boxes, bags, stationery, gift sets, water bottles and more. However, please ensure that all these items should be put aside and only used when school starts, to keep them extra special.

Follow these simple guidelines and the back to school experience will seem like a breeze, and before you know it your child will have settled down very naturally and easily.