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Daiso Japan Middle East|About Us


Daiso Japan - The #1 Japanese Value Store in the Middle East

Our mission is that every one of our stores provides a unique ‘surprise & delight’ shopping experience, filled with innovation and excitement through a massive range of products at unbeatable prices. You name it; we have it is no overstatement. Whatever you think you need for your home and life can be found in our stores. All household needs are covered from homeware to gardens, from Do-It-Yourself to storage solutions, from toys to make-up accessories. You have to see it to believe it. Daiso Japan is now well established within the Middle East retail scene. The famous brand continues to innovate and provide an inspirational, unique shopping experience to all visitors. Key to its global appeal, and undoubtedly its success, is the absolute focus on Quality, Variety, and Uniqueness while helping customers find “surprises and fun.”

The joy is further intensified when you realize that there are over 80,000 lifestyle, novelty, and gift products at any one time, with 800 new products introduced to customers every month, most of which are at an irresistible AED 7.50 (inclusive of VAT) price. Today there are over 80 stores across the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, and Bahrain.

The much-loved retail concept began as a Japanese street vending operation focusing on 100-yen products by Mr. Hirotake Yano in 1972. The simple, yet effective, philosophy of Daiso Japan came when he was working as a salesman, “There were so many people buying, demanding to know the price immediately, that I found it difficult to keep up,” he reminisces. “That’s when I thought of a store where all items will be sold at the same price.” It sounded simple enough, and Mr. Yano decided to turn that idea into reality. As the business flourished, Daiso Japan was founded in 1977 and has not looked back since.

From these humble beginnings, Daiso Japan is now a genuine retail powerhouse, with over 5,000 stores across the world, and has attained an unrivaled position as a one-stop variety shop for local and international shoppers over the past three decades. Daiso Japan was first introduced to the Middle East in March 2004 with a store at the iconic Lamcy Plaza, and by putting the fun back into shopping, saw immense demand for everyday innovative household items.

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Daiso Japan Journey

Daiso Japan arrives to the GCC region. The first store opening takes place in Lamcy Plaza on 3rd of March, 2004 in the UAE. The opening of the first store in Kuwait also took place during this year.
Daiso Japan successfully expands through the GCC region opening stores in Qatar and Bahrain.
Total number of stores around the GCC region is now 16. Daiso Japan successfully opens 3 stores in Saudi Arabia.
18 more stores are opened during the 4 years, bringing the total to 31 stores around the GCC region. The stores expand to Sharjah in the UAE, Al Jahra in Kuwait, Al Khor in Qatar, Al A'ali in Bahrain and Al Madinah and Riyadh in KSA.
Total of 40 stores are open, including the flagship store in The Dubai Mall.
Total of 59 stores open around the GCC.
Over 75 stores around the GCC.
Over 45 stores in the UAE.

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