Daiso Japan’s Top 10 Best Selling Item!

1) Bubble Bubble

And here is our top best-seller! Children sure love bubbles, and what’s better than 1 bubble bottle? 4 bubble bottle in one pack for just AED 9.50! This item is also commonly bought as a children giveaway gift.

2) Pore Care Pack

Available for only AED 9.50 for a pack (Contains 4 sheets), this Charcoal Pore Care Pack has been praised by many of our Daiso Japan customers for giving incredible results for a very affordable price!

3) Razor L Type 3p

The L-shaped Razors are mainly used for shaving off facial and eyebrow hair. The
razor is small in size and the blade is narrow in width to allow for smooth and clear shaving leaving barely any visible hair. It’s also easy to carry around, and a lot of ladies would consider it an essential item to carry around in cases of emergencies.

4) Fusil Sticking hook

We’ve all struggled with sticky hooks constantly falling from being unable to handle the weight of the items being hung on them. The Fusil Sticking Hook solves this problem being able to hold up to 6 kg in weight as wax is used to stick the hook in place.

5) Duck Stick Bubble Blower

The Daiso Japan kids are big fans of bubbles especially our Duck Stick Bubble
Blowers. There a variety of other blowers available but the duck seems to be the
most popular so far.

6) Paper Box Square-Craft Plain

Daiso Japan is known for its massive DIY/Craft section that allows people to design and craft their own gifts and products. The Squared Paper Craft Gift Box allows you to design and customize your gift box the way you would like to! You can also use other tools and items available in the craft section such as ribbons and stickers to help with your customization.

7) Manganese Battery R6OU 8P

Batteries are always needed, but 8 pcs for AED 7 are a deal many people can’t

8) Magic light pen

Magic light pens are great gifts you can get your little trickster child! Write your invisible text and point the light at it to see it!

9) 50 ml atomizer sprayer (round) shouldered

Carrying around huge perfume bottles in your handbag might prove to be a hassle,
especially if you’re carrying around a small bag. The 50ml atomizer sprayer helps
solve this problem where you can just pour perfume into a smaller spray bottle and
travel around at ease, especially if you’re travelling through airports where the
100ml restriction applies on liquids. You can also mix your own remedies and store
them in the 50ml atomizer sprayer for easy application.

10) Foot care mask sheet

Going for pedicure can be quite time consuming and expensive. Thankfully Daiso
Japan has just the perfect solution for that problem. The Foot Mask Pack available
for just AED 9.50 can instantly give you soft and smooth feet at the comfort of your home. It’s no shock that it’s one of Daiso Japan’s best sellers!