COVID-19 Daiso Japan Guidelines.

The unfortunate COVID-19 outbreak has affected our normal way of life; it has also affected the way businesses operate. This is a guide that contains everything a customer needs to know about the Daiso Japan stores and planning shopping visits during this period.

Operation timings:

The stores opening and closing times will constantly change in accordance with the government’s given lockdown timings. Starting May 27th, the stores will be open from 10 am to 10 pm. Please make sure you visit the store an hour before the indicated closing times as stores might close 15 to 45 minutes beforehand, we also suggest customers call to confirm the closing time if they plan to visit after 9 pm. This might happen as staff might need to leave earlier to avoid getting heavily fined due to breaking the curfew law. We apologize for the inconvenience caused and appreciate your understanding during these difficult times.

Customer Safety:

Customers who wish to visit our stores are requested to wear masks and gloves, and sanitize their hands before and after touching any products. Sanitizer is provided on cash counters and customers can always request for sanitizer from the staff on duty. Only 30% of the normal number of staff will be present to assist the customers, to allow more room for social distancing. Our staff constantly sanitize the stores and products, as well as change their masks and gloves periodically to ensure their and the customers’ safety. For the time being, only 30% of the usual customer capacity will be allowed into the stores to allow enough room for social distancing. We kindly request all the customers to keep a safe distance from other shoppers and avoid shopping in groups of more than 3 individuals within the store. We recommend the usage of cards for payment instead of cash for protection of the staff and shoppers.

Exchange Policy:

During these times, the exchange policies are constantly changing. We apologize for the delays in relaying the new policies in place; when new rules are released it takes us a period of 48 hours to implement within our stores and on POS receipts. We request the customers to be understanding of the current situation and apologize for the inconvenience, these policies are in place to protect the staff and the shoppers as well. Now, you can find our exchange policies available on our social media platforms and websites.

Online shopping & delivery services:

Unfortunately, we don’t offer online or delivery services at the moment. However, we can assist you by preparing your order for pick-up from the stores. To arrange the orders kindly contact your nearest Daiso Japan store and the Store Manager will assist you with that. You can find all our stores contact details on

We thank all our customers for the constant support and for their cooperation in implementing the rules set by the UAE government to contain the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Shop safe and stay safe.