An Egg-citing way to celebrate Easter with your family

With Easter just around the corner, it’s time for you to share happiness with your family and friends. It is the perfect time of the year to pick up the phone and call your near and dear ones to host a grand family Easter brunch. If you have kids, they will love having everyone from the family on the same table breaking bread together! There are a bunch of things you can do to make not only the adults but also the children happy if you are planning to host the brunch.

Known for it’s innovative, functional and value products, Daiso Japan has all its products up-to-date,keeping in mind the consumer’s needs and wants in their everyday life. With the festive season approaching and the growing excitement for Easter, Daiso Japan offers you just about everything you need for the merriest celebrations.

Prep for an outstanding Easter Brunch with the help of the following:


Now, that you’re hosting a family Easter brunch, you are ought to prep well for the celebration. There are plenty of ways you can set the tone for Easter:

Door Décor (Easter Egg Wreath) – You can use a bunch of colorful Easter eggs offered by Daiso Japan, stick them all together in a round shape to get a Colorful Easter Egg Wreath to help you welcome your guests warmly.

Easter Tree – Use a small flower vase with soil; add a few short branches in it. Tie various colorful eggs (Available at Daiso Japan) to them using decorative ribbons of various colors. This can be placed either on the table or near the couch.

Home Decor Pieces – Daiso Japan offers various showpieces like Easter bunny snow globes, wooden bunny with Easter eggs etc. which can be placed on porches and tables. Use them to add galore to your Easter celebrations.


Quality Bakeware – Rather than ordering sweets from a bakery, this Easter, bake them yourself. Try Daiso Japan’s range of bakeware which includes spatulas, cake and muffin molds, cookie cutters etc. For kids, you can try making bunny shaped cookies and gooey chocolate and strawberry cake.

Attractive Tableware – While you get prepping for food and desserts, impress your guests with amazing ceramics when plating the food and placing it on the table. The tableware collection that Daiso Japan offers includes plates, mugs, and bowls etc. a range of products specially made available for Easter.


Easter egg coloring competition – Coloring the eggs on Easter is a fun activity that is enjoyed almost everywhere. Hosting a small competition can be seen as a family activity that brings everyone together. It is as fun for the kids as it is for the adults. You can give away the Easter egg coloring kits as gifts from Daiso Japan. The kit is a bundle of joy which includes eggs, colors pencils, water colors, elastic bands to hang the eggs and a base to hold the egg while you color it.

Easter Egg Hunt – Easter Egg hunt is one of the most common games played on Easter. Every family member would know how to play this game. So why not bring a little more competition to make this game more fun? You can gather up members of the family together to play the game on a bigger scale. To make it more exciting, add a special gift for the winner which can be chosen from a wide range of Easter gifting offered by Daiso Japan.

All the products required for Easter celebrations are available at your nearest Daiso Japan store. Go on, have an eggtastic celebration!


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