Great quality products at affordable prices.


Over 70,000 products from Japan.


Products starting from AED 7(+VAT)!


700 new products added every month.


Daiso Japan offers one of the most exciting and attractive shopping experiences in retail. With 70,000 everyday household items priced from Dhs 7 onwards, the experience is a unique one.

Daiso Japan has created waves internationally with a clear philosophy of providing customers with “surprises and fun” on every visit. Key to its global appeal, and undoubtedly its success, is the absolute focus on quality, variety and uniqueness in all. There is a unique form of energy in every store, generated from the excitement of seeing innovative products that may be exactly what you wanted – or never knew you needed.

If you haven’t been to Daiso Japan yet, it is a journey worth taking to see what you have been missingout on.


Get dedicated collections for each celebration of the year. Birthdays, Easter, Ramadan,back-to-school, summer, Halloween, Diwali, Christmas, New Year and more.

Daily Essentials

Get everyday products, household items, toys, crockery and cutlery, kitchenware, gardening, gifts, decorations, and even stationery products.

An Extraordinary Experience

Daiso Japan is an experience worth taking. With over 700 unique products added every month, you get to choose among the quirkiest in town.

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